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BrightSign state-of-the-art technology is found around the world, powering digital signage in every vertical market. BrightSign hardware is known for ultimate reliability and an extremely robust operating system purpose-built for digital signage. With BrightSign media players and other products, your digital signage can be as simple and turn-key or as specialized and power-packed as the application demands.

Reliable, Affordable Digital Signage

BrightSign Media Players

Award Winning World-class Players!



Experience the unparalleled performance of BrightSign XC5, surpassing signage PCs effortlessly. Choose from two models that deliver varying levels of HTML5 performance and support stunning 8K resolution, along with a comprehensive range of connectivity options.

Key features at a glance

Bypass the digital signage learning curve completely with BrightSign’s abundant, easy-to-use features and robust presentation creation tools for building multi-screen video walls, multi-zone screen layouts and more.

BrightSign 4k
BrightSign PoE+
BrightSign Tagging
BrightSign Live Stream
BrightSign HTML5
BrightSign - BrighWall, multi screen solution
BrightSign IP Streaming
BrightSign Live Feeds
BrightSign Media Player mosaic mode
BrightSign HDR Support
BrightSign H.265 HEVEC - High Efficiency Video Decoding
BrightSign Dolby Vision

BrightSign Online -The global market leader in digital

signage media players

About Us

As a BrightSign Centre of Excellence, Freehand provides a complete solution from creative design consultancy to full managed network services using our secure Enterprise Cloud. Freehand R&D develops innovative BrightSign based applications from beacons to social to mosaic videowalls with DataPath integration.

Freehand Services provide content design and remote management to deliver turn-key, immersive digital experiences using BrightAuthor.

Freehand specialises in supplying HD, UHD and standard definition digital media players, video signal extenders and visual display technology for the professional AV, digital signage, presentation, broadcast and information display markets.  The company is staffed by industry professionals with vast experience in digital video and computer display technologies.

Freehand distributes the whole range of BrightSign products and has sold thousands of players, subscription codes and accessories to trade, corporate and end-user customers in the UK and Europe since 2009.

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